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A Prickly Proposition
Level 91
Type Main quest
Location Blight Bay

A Prickly Proposition is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Jurriaan Lightveil has agreed to help me find the Thistle of Larr. He has asked me to meet him on the Dusk Twins.





  • 70 silver
  • 300k XP
  • Uncommon Trinket (might be different depending on the played class)



Jurriaan Lightveil: "Hello, you must be <Player Name>. Sapphira told me about you."

You "I am. And she told me you might be able to help with an artifact he hid."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Aye. The Thistle of Larr. No one knows for sure who or what Larr was, but many know of the thistle, a terrible object of great evil. Any who are pricked by it are seized with a violent madness, turning brother against brother, parent against child."

You "Ew. I must find this Thistle! Note to self, don't touch it."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Indeed. Great precautions will be necessary. Are you sure you want to undertake the dangerous task of finding this evil object?"

You "Yes."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Very well. Meet me on the Dusk Twins, we can get started as soon as you arrive."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "<Player Name>! You made it! Shall we get started?"

You "Yes, I'm ready."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Let's start at the end then, shall we? You will need an especially powerful set of pincers to handle the thistle when you find it."

Gained 300k experience!

You "Pincers?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Yes, otherwise when you find the thistle you won't be able to pick it up, which means Theobald or one of his lackey's could well have time to move it. The Pincers aren't too hard to fashion, and most of the materials can be found here on Dusk Twins."

You "Alright. Where should I begin?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "You'll need some Koldcore Ingots, which I'm assuming you can find on your own. You'll also need a Pincer Pivot, which can be purchased in Blight Haven."

You "What else?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "You'll need some Shadenor Silver, which is a little tricky to make. First, you'll need to find some Shadenor Essence. Shadenor Essence is leftover magic from the high casters of Shadenor, which after years of disuse has coalesced into viscous form. It can be found attached to creatures here in the Dusk Twins and Shadenor, but can also be found on occasion while fishing or collecting fruit."

You "Okay."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Once you have some Shadenor Essence, you'll need to enchant some Wild Silver. Wild Silver can be found from the demons here in the Shade Blight, though there is something you should know."

You "Which is?"

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Not all of the demons carry Wild Silver, but the ones that do tend to change. Their coloration and pigment morphs a bit and they look different from the others. Consequently, they also tend to have more Shadenor Essence, and even on occasion a Mote of Shade."

You "These pincers sound complicated."

Jurriaan Lightveil: "Maybe a bit, but I'm sure you can manage. Just remember, Koldcore, a Pincer Pivot, and Shadenor Silver made from Wild Silver and Shadenor Essence. If you need reminding, feel free to ask me for help."

Continued in: Prickle Pincers.