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A Praetorian Visitor
Level 15
Type Main quest
Location Ardent Castle

A Praetorian Visitor is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Tribunus Nuala says that a newly arrived Praetorian defender is now in the castle. She wants me to find him and talk with him




  • Find the newly arrived praetorian defender in Ardent Castle.


  • 6 silver, 70 copper
  • 6300 XP
  • Uncommon Priest Boots (different depending on the played class)


  • Dagvard stand in the castle, in the throne room. (F6) Talk to him.
  • This will end this quest.
  • Keep talking to him to get the follow up quest = Veterans of Old.


Dagvard: "Bah, you reek of the stench!"

You "Uh, what?"

Dagvard: "Step away from me now, and take that filthy odor with you."

You "Granted, I haven't had a proper bath in a while, what with being so busy saving everyone..."

Dagvard: "It is the stench of fear that I speak of. You reek of it. We Praetorian Defenders can smell it yards away."

Gained 6300 experience!

You "You smell concern and wariness on me because the Black Thrush are back, but I'm the hero to handle them."

Dagvard: "You are <Player_Name>? Ah. Lady Philippa told me of you. It has been many years since the Scourge, and even now there are few in the realm who will speak of those dark days. The Praetorian Defenders will protect King Leo and Lady Philippa. You, <Player_Name>, must investigate." You "I'm listening."

Dagvard: "Learn the identity of the villain who now has Mallok's chalice piece, as well as the identity of the impostor who murdered Cressida. In order to truly destroy The Black Thrush, we must first understand their objective. Will you undertake these tasks, <Player_Name>?" You "Absolutely!"

Dagvard: "Good. Start by speaking to some of the retired Praetorian Defenders who were in the service of King Leo back during the time of The Scourge, and who remember those dark days well. In Trader's Path, there is an old tavern where some aged veterans often assemble."

Continued in: Veterans of Old.