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A Miserable Horse
Level 25
Type Main quest
Location The Salty Shallows

A Miserable Horse is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Turns out Amira is not the savvy pastry chef I was looking for, but she says she might know of one. She will tell me if I help retrieve some stolen items that belonged other horse, Clifford.




  • Find Clifford's Blanket in the Salty Shallows.
  • Find Clifford's Oat Crate in the Salty Shallows.
  • Find Clifford's Apple in the Salty Shallows.
  • Bring all of Clifford's things back to Amira.


  • 13 silver
  • 9500 XP
  • Uncommon Mace (different depending on the played class)


  • I have to find Clifford's Apple = at C2 (a little bit more south than the crate.
  • I have to find Clifford's Oat Crate = at C2 (on the right side of the bounty Gungi.
  • I have to find Clifford's Blanket = at B/C2
  • After returning all of Clifford's belongings, she finally says that Diego is a pastry chef.
  • This ends the quest but keep talking to her to get the follow up quest: The Clam Diggers.


Amira: "Are you about to make Clifford a happy horse?"

You "Yes, I found all of his things."

Amira: "Thank you, <Player Name>. Clifford will be happy."

You lost 1x Clifford's Apple.

You lost 1x Clifford's Blanket.

You lost 1x Clifford's Oat Crate.

Gained 9500 experience!

You "Now where can I find a pastry chef?"

Amira: "No promises, mind you. But try Diego. He's an overly cheerful clam digger in these parts."

You "Okay. And why might he be a savvy pastry chef?"

Amira: "Because he wrote a poem about scones, and was reciting it aloud the other day. Now go talk to him. And when you see Diego, tell him the salty sea air is good for Clifford's nostrils."

Continued in: The Clam Diggers.