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A Message Mission
Level 88
Type Main quest
Location Zorian Marshlands

A Message Mission is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Merten told Lysander about a possible safe place near a couple named Max and Melly. He then said that he saw Lysander possibly hiding a scrap of paper near the fishing holes.




  • Look for Lysander's message near the fishing holes in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Bring Lysander's message to Nadia in the the Zorian Marshlands.


  • 67 silver
  • 750k XP



You looted Lysander's Message!

Nadia: "Any luck finding Lysander, or a message from him?"

You "Yes, I found a message! Here!"

Nadia: "Theobald! My uncle Samuel used to tell me stories about a wicked Lich sea captain and the Blighted Isles when I was a girl. But I had always thought they were just made-up fables to tell a child."

You lost 1x Lysander's Message.

Gained 750k experience!

You "I've heard of The Blighted Isles. It is said they lead to Sunkentooth Marsh!"

Nadia: "We must find Lysander. Do you have any more leads, <Player Name>?"

You "Yes, Merten mentioned a Max and Melly."

Nadia: "Quickly, <Player Name>! Go find Lysander, before the four bounty hunters do!"

Continued in: A Lysander Lead.