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A Meeting With Mercer
Level 34
Type Main quest
Location Aberdeen Heath

A Meeting With Mercer is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Mercer has arrived at Coleman's camp. I should check in with him.




  • Speak with Mercer at Coleman's camp in Aberdeen Heath.
  • Check in with Coleman at his camp in Aberdeen Heath.


  • 19 silver
  • 2800 XP


  • Coleman told you to talk with Mercer who appeared next to him. You ensure him that Samuel and Nadia, who are hiding in Withering Woodlands, are safe.
  • Talk to Coleman again.
  • This ends the quest but keep talking to him to get the follow up quest: Mingling With Murderers.


You "So what is next?"

Coleman: "<Player Name>, I have a plan. I'll tell you, but first I need to use some of my healing balm." You "Okay."

Coleman: "Your friend, the Sprite, Mercer, just showed up. He says he'll do whatever he can to help you. Go talk to him while I heal myself."

Coleman: "I found you! I'm feeling much better now, and ready to kill and mangle and butcher every last member of the Black Thrush! Course I'm only a singing Sprite, but I sure am a brave one!"

You "That's kind of you, Mercer. But I think I have a job better suited for you than battle."

Coleman: "What is it, <Player Name>? I'll do anything to help!"

You "Go to the Withering Woodlands."

Coleman: "All right, I owe you my life! Why am I going to the Withering Woodlands?"

You "Samuel and Nadia are hiding there. Go and ensure that they are safe."

Coleman: "Samuel is Queen Fiona's brother! Why, I know him well! Samuel and I are old friends. He used to travel with us in the Royal Caravan. <Player Name>, I will absolutely do this!"

You "Thanks, Mercer. I will join you there as soon as I can."

Coleman: "Farewell, <Player Name>!"

Coleman: "Did you talk to Mercer?"

You "Yes. Now tell me the plan!"

Coleman: "My Enemy Location Detector shows that the normally quiet Aberdeen Stalls are currently overrun with people. We can assume they are Black Thrush members. <Player Name>, this will strictly be a reconnaissance mission. You can't just go charging in there with your weapon brandished, or they might detonate the bomb! So we must rely on deception."

Gained 2800 experience!

You "Go on."

Coleman: "I will give you my disguise kit, so you can disguise yourself as a member of the Black Thrush, and pretend to be one of them. You must gather information. Find out the status of the bomb, and where they plan to detonate it."

You "I'll pretend to be one of them!"

Coleman: "Perfect! Here is the disguise kit. Go ahead and use it now, then let me look you over to make sure your disguise is secure."

You received Black Thrush Disguise Kit!

Continued in: Mingling With Murderers