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A Lysander Lead
Level 88
Type Main quest
Location Zorian Marshlands

A Lysander Lead is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Lysander's message said that he went to the Crux in the first place, and left the Lumineers so suddenly, because he had received a letter from his old boyhood friend, Hamish. When he and Hamish were children, they were both sold to a vile Lich sea captain named Theobald, and forced to work aboard his ship. Lysander said he and Hamish saw many horrors in their years of being forced to travel through the Blighted Isles. Lysander had to end his message because one of the bountyhunters is getting closer to him. Merten mentioned Max and Melly to Lysander. Maybe Lysander went to them.




  • Find Max and Melly in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Find Melly's shovel in the Mining Cave in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Return Melly's shovel to her in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Get some Eternal Daisies from Marlis in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Return to Melly in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Speak with Vondie in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Follow Lysander's blood trail in the Zorian Marshlands. The trail starts near Max's grave.
  • Sprinkle Vondie's powder at the end of Lynsander's blood trail in the Zorian Marshlands.
  • Talk to Lysander.


  • 67 silver
  • 1,5m XP
  • Uncommon Priest Ring (different depending on the played class)


  • Lysander's message mentioned about a hiding place near Max and Melly. They are at C6, at least Melly is. She says those evil creatures killed Max. She wants your help to bury her beloved Max.
  • You need to find her shovel she left in the mining caves at D7/8 and return to her.
  • She wants you to buy some Eternal Daisies from Marlis, then bring them back to her to put on Max' grave.
  • Now talk to Vondie who says that you just missed Lysander. He gave me a powder that reveals his whereabouts.
  • So follow the little bloodspots on the ground, which ends in a large bloodspot at C5. Here sprinkle the powder Vondie gave (double click on the item in your inventory).
  • Finally you can talk to Lysander.
  • This ends the quest but keep talking to him to get the follow up quest: Remedy for the Rot.


Melly: "They killed him! The bounty hunters killed my beloved Max! My poor, sweet, Max..."

You "Oh, Melly, I'm so sorry."

Melly: "The sadistic one called Lannox did it! The priest had already left us, and the other three hunters were on his trail, but Lannox stayed behind and for pure pleasure killed my Max! Oh, please, please, <Player Name, help me bury my Max. He deserves a proper resting place. Will you?

You "Of course, I will. Have you a shovel to lend me?

Melly: "I left it the mining cave last time I was there. Please retrieve it?

You "Absolutely.

Melly: "Please hurry."

You looted Melly's Shovel!

Melly: "Were you able to get my shovel?"

You "Yes. I'll start digging now."

Melly: "No. I should be the one to dig his grave, not a stranger."

You "All right, then here is your shovel."

Melly: "Thank you, <Player Name. Can I ask one more kindness of you? His grave should have Eternal Daisies on it. They were Max's favorite. Will you buy some from Marlis for me please?"

You lost 1x Melly's Shovel.

You "Yes."

Melly: "Thank you. See you shortly."

Marlis: "Care for some Odious Orchids of the Mire, or maybe some Marsh Marigolds?"

You "Eternal Daisies, please."

Marlis: "Eternal Daisies? Why those?"

You "Max has been killed. They're for his grave."

Marlis: "Oh, no! Poor Max! Was it those vile bounty hunters? I heard tell that Queen Zoria has promised them ownership of these Marshlands if they catch the priest. And of course, those four brutes covet this region!"

You "Why is that exactly? What is it about this place that attracts them so?"

Marlis: "There's an old legend that the mire in these Marshlands contains loads of buried treasure. Gold, jewels, and the like. I don't believe it. But Otes here does, and those four awful bounty hunters sure do!"

You "Interesting."

Marlis: "Here are some Eternal Daisies for you. Max was a friend, so they're free of charge."

You "Thank you."

Marlis: "Farewell!"

You received Eternal Daisies!

Melly: "I've dug the grave, and buried Max. Have you the Eternal Daisies?"

You "Yes. Here you go."

Melly: "Poor Max..."

You lost 1x Eternal Daisies.

Vondie: "Such a tragic event."

You "Do you know of a priest named Lysander?"

Vondie: "Shh! Keep your voice down! The bounty hunters, they'll hear!"

You "So you know of him?"

Vondie: "Yes. In fact, he was just here while you were getting the flowers. He wanted to see if it was true about Max. He's devastated to have been the cause."

You "So I just missed him?"

Vondie: "Yes, but your approach spooked him. He probably thought you were one of the bounty hunters. <Player Name, Lysander is grievously wounded and losing blood at a dangerous rate. It also looked as though he had contracted an infection."

You "Then I must go to him."

Vondie: "I put a concealing charm on him to help keep him hidden, but it won't last long. Take this powder, it will reveal him. But you must find him first."

You "Do you know which way he went?"

Vondie: "I'm not exactly sure, but he is losing so much blood that you can probably follow his trail."

You received Vondie's Lumination Powder!

You lost 1x Vondie's Lumination Powder.

Lysander: "Melly? Vondie? Is that you? What's---oh! Who...who are you?"

You "A friend. I'm with Nadia."

Lysander: "Nadia is here in the Marshlands? Oh, thank goodness! I should never have left the Lumineers and gone to the Crux without them! But I had to. Vengeance is...a dark and personal matter, and I did not want my friends caught up in my lifelong, dangerous obsession to extract it upon Theobald."

Gained 1.5m experience!

You "The Lich Sea Captain. And you received a letter from Hamish about him?"

Lysander: "Yes, saying that Theobald had been sighted in the Crux. So I immediately joined Hamish there. Queen Zoria extended her hospitality to us, because a celebration was underway. The two royal Socorro princes were to be anointed by the Orb of Tanzine, only..."

You "Only?"

Lysander: "It's a long tale, and I'm afraid I haven't the strength right now. My wound worsens. I must rest here, while Vondie's concealing charm persists. <Player Name, please. Bring Nadia here to me, and tell her I have the Crimson Rot. She knows the infection, and can bring the remedy. Her uncle taught her well."

Continued in: Remedy for the Rot.