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A Gifted Chicken
Level 56
Type Main quest
Location Sapphira's Lament

A Gifted Chicken is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Tully has asked me about 3 bits of information about Pyrrus.




  • Find Old Lucy in Pyrron Courtyard.
  • Find a way to gather the information Tully asked for.
  • Find the other 2 egg shell histories. They are hidden somewhere in Pyrron Courtyard.
  • Bring the three Hard-boiled Histories back to Tully in Sapphira's Lament.


  • 37 silver
  • 43,3k XP
  • Uncommon Priest Necklace (different depending on the played class)



Picking up quest

You: "What were the Brindles digging for?"

Tully: "This, our lost city. When Mallok first ravaged the land with his volcanoes and tempests, our city was buried beneath the earth. After many years of digging, the Brindles uncovered their lost city, but then Pyrrus took it from us and made it his own!"

You "That's awful! But I'm still unclear-no pun intended-about your blindness."

Tully: "Pyrrus used evil magic to steal the Brindles' vision. He gave it to his army of gargoyles. That's how Pyrrus repaid the Brindles for saving his human life!"

You "How is it that Pyrrus came to be a stone gargoyle in the first place?"

Tully: "This all happened before I was born. If you want to know more, you should talk to Old Lucy in the Courtyard. She'll be near the henhouse. I'd talk to her myself, but..."

You "But...?"

Tully: "She uses big words, and makes me feel dumb. Maybe you could talk to her, then come back and tell me what you've learned. Discover three facts about Pyrrus' history with the Brindles, and tell me. Would you do that for me?"

You "Of course I will, Tully! See you later!"

Tully: "Good luck surface dweller!"

Upon returning to Tully with the egg shells

(Hard-boiled History: Part 1, 2, and 3):

Tully: "Did you learn anything about Pyrrus' history with the Brindles?"

You: "Yes! I have three egg shells bearing information about Pyrrus."

Tully: "Fantastic! Read them to me please because I'm blind and I can't."

You: "Okay, here goes. Egg Shell Number One says: Pyrrus was ill and near death when several Brindles found him in the Badlands. They took him to the Queen of the Brindles who was stirred with pity for him, for the man was quite out of his head. In his delirium, he screamed peculiar things about a shimmering woman made of crystals, and of a power that was now his. Good Queen Eleria nursed Pyrrus back to health, but his mind seemed not to mend. He ranted about human frailty, and began to speak of a 'Great Transformation,' and a world made of stone."

Tully: "Read on, read on!"

You: "Egg Shell Number Two says: There came a day when the final chamber of the Brindles' castle was at last unearthed from the ground, and a jubilant celebration was held. But the Brindles could not find their queen, nor could they locate their peculiar visitor. Nightmarish screams were soon heard, which drew the Brindles to a tiny alcove, where they found their beloved queen dead upon the floor. A monstrous creature of stone stood over her. In one hand, he clutched a sword wet with Queen Eleria's blood, and in the other a pouch of shimmering crystals. The creature said only that his transformation was complete, and that henceforth he was to be addressed as Lord Pyrrus."

Tully: "Oh, that murderer! Read on!"

You: "In fury, the anguished Brindles attacked the mammoth gargoyle, but Pyrrus slew them all with little effort, and ordered what survivors there were to kneel before him and pledge their fealty. He established himself as ruler of the Brindles' underground city, and began construction on an army of gargoyles. When the Brindles tried to revolt against his tyranny, Pyrrus used dark magic to steal their potent vision. This he bestowed upon his evil Gargoyles. To this day, the Brindles remain Pyrrus' slaves."

Tully: "Ours is a sad story indeed. Please give the egg shells to me, <player_name>. Just touching them will make me feel closer to my murdered ancestors."

You: "Here you go Tully."

Tully: "Thank you, <player_name>, and I am impressed with your bravery and competence. I think you would make a valuable asset to our ever expanding BRA."