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A Deal With Demelza
Level 12
Type Main quest
Location Kingsport

A Deal With Demelza is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Demelza did in fact see the Royal Party come through, but she won’t divulge any details until I help her collect some gossip from the locals.




  • Find Jeannette and buy 10 Gizzards and Peppers.
  • Bring the 10 Gizzards and Peppers back to Demelza.
  • While enchanted, talk with Stewart and learn the secret ingredient to his crawdad bisque.
  • While enchanted, talk with Mafalda and learn why she has been going down to the water late at night
  • While enchanted, talk with Jacob and learn who he has been secretly meeting and why.
  • Return to Demelza with all the gossip you have learned.


  • 5 silver
  • 26,3k XP
  • Uncommon Priest Gloves (different depending on the played class)


  • Jeannette the food vendor, stands at F4, close to the landing pad, in front of her little food tent. Buy 10 Gizzards and Peppers (costs 9 silver) and give them to Demelza.
  • Now she will prepare the spell you need to be under, so you can get the latest gossip.
  • She’ll tell you that you have 45” to get the gossip she wants you to collect. = she’ll put a spell on you. If it wears off before you have learnt all the gossip, you have to return to her to get a new spell.
    • Stewart stands at D3: his secret ingredient is: Nothing
    • Jacob stands at E4: meets a man named Reldor and they are planning on blowing up a boot)
    • Mafalda stands at E4:she has been lacing fishing worms with sour juices to get back at a lug headed man who thinks women can’t fish.
      • You might not be able to go to all 3 NPC's before the spell is gone - simply return to Demelza and ask a new spell.
  • Return to Demelza with all the gossip you have learned.
  • This ends the quest and she will now tell you all about the Royal Party, which turns into a follow up quest: On The Trail, To Elk Meadow!.


You "Tell me more! What were they arguing about, and where did they go next?"

Demelza: "I'm afraid I only exchange gossip for gossip. And you being new to these parts... I doubt you know anything good."

You "Maybe I could do something for you instead? Or try to learn some gossip for you?" Demelza: "Interesting... that isn't a half bad idea. As it happens, I know an ancient spell, it isn't powerful or anything, more of a circus trick really."

You "What does it do?"

Demelza: "The person enchanted by the spell appears to other people as the one person in all the world that they trust the most. For example, if you cast it on yourself and then talked to King Leo, you would probably appear to be Lady Philippa."

You "That is an awful trick! You used this on people?

Demelza: "Well of course I did! I am a gossip monger, the queen if you will. But I don't do it anymore, I can't! It requires Gizzards and Peppers, which Jeannette will no longer sell me. The town had a vote of some sort and they banned me from buying them. And since then my knees have gone bad, which makes it worse since the magic only lasts a short while, so you have to be speedy. But your knees...

You "Hey eyes up here Demelza!

Demelza: "Right sorry. Well if you buy me the Gizzards and Peppers, and bring them back to me, I can cast the spell on you. If you then collect some gossip for me, I'll tell you what I know about the party. Deal?"

You "Deal."

Demelza: "Hurry back! Jeannette is just up on the main harbor!"

Demelza: <missing>


Demelza: "Have any tasty tidbits for me?"

You "I have three juicy bits of gossip."

Demelza: "Well out with them! Start with Stewart."

You "Funny enough, Stewart's secret ingredient is nothing! He lied about having a secret ingredient so that his bisque would sound more interesting."

Demelza: "Savvy plan! Stewart and his wife have always been good at business. Okay, Mafalda next. What has she been up to late at night down in the mud?"

You "Well, Some jerk told Mafalda that she couldn't be a good fisherman because she was a woman. She obviously took offense at what the idiot said, so she has been lacing his worms with Nectart juice-"

Demelza: "Ah! So he can't catch any fish! Splendid! Serves him right! Okay, last one, who has Jacob secretly been meeting with, is it a fiery romance?"

You "Fiery, yes that is the word for it. Except instead of a romance, it is going to be a literal explosion that blows up Captain Itzal's slave trading boat."

Demelza: "Juicy indeed! Serves her right, what a vile woman she is. All right, you held up your end of the bargain, time for me to hold up my end."

You "Yes, please tell me what you know about the royal party."

Demelza: "Certainly! It was all peculiar. The royal party seemed quite lost. They were arguing loudly with each other about where they were supposed to go. Not a one of them seemed to have the faintest idea! Then the two royal guards began to bicker about which of them was stronger, and next thing you know, the two of them were throwing punches at each other and wrestling on the ground!"

Gained 26.3k experience!

You "Weird. Go on."

Demelza: "Then the two wizards began to quarrel furiously with each other about fire versus ice, and suddenly those two were casting spells at each other left and right! Such chaos, I declare! The only member of the party who seemed to have any poise and dignity at all was a pretty young woman named Cressida. Truly elegant she was, and refrained from partaking in any of the childish nonsense going on around her. She just clung tightly to a small box in her arms, and insisted that the whole party should stop squabbling and move on."

You "Do you know where they went next? And did you happen to notice if any dubious creatures were lurking nearby, maybe following the royal party?"

Demelza: "No. There was that odd fog, though. Silvery. It appeared quite suddenly around them, then vanished just as quickly. I did hear someone in the royal party say that they should go to Irenka next, whoever that is. Then someone mentioned Elk Meadow."

You "Then it is to Elk Meadow I must go."

Demelza: "Hope you enjoyed the gossip, <Player_Name>, and good luck in your quest. Farewell!"

Continued in: On The Trail, To Elk Meadow!.