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A Crone’s Quandary
Level 82
Type Main quest
Location Pools of Andorra

A Crone's Quandary is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

It turns out that Maolisa is actually the old crone who put the curse on Andorra! Caspar was her pet Felcat, and when he died, Maolisa lost her mind. She doesn’t remember putting the curse on Andorra, but says if I get her a Remembrance Potion, it will come back to her, and she will be able to tell me how to break Andorra’s curse. A wizard would have a Remembrance Potion.




  • Ask Beryl if she has a Remembrance Potion.
  • Give the Remembrance Potion to Maolisa.


  • 61 silver
  • 300k XP
  • Uncommon Wizard Headwear (different depending on the played class)



Beryl: "<Player Name>, you've returned!"

You "Yes, but I need a Remembrance Potion. Do you have one?"

Beryl: "Of course! I always keep a few loose vials of various potions on me. Here you go. A Remembrance Potion."

You received Remembrance Potion!

You "Thanks! I'll be back soon with Nadia and Tully!"

Beryl: "Good luck, <Player Name>!"


Maolisa: "Were you able to find me a Remembrance Potion?"

You "Yes! Here you go."

Maolisa: "Oh, yes, it's coming back to me now. I remember! Andorra needs to embrace solitude."

You lost 1x Remembrance Potion.

Gained 300k experience!

You "Solitude?"

Maolisa: "It is the name of the enchanted cloak that Andorra must wrap herself in. I put the cloak in a chest, and buried it in the rocks here in the forest. You'll have to search for it."

Continued in: The Cloak of Solitude.