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A Crafty Guy
Level 6
Type Main quest
Location Marigold Harbor

A Crafty Guy is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

I spoke with Deimus. He says that he did see Rhoda hanging around near the old wishing well. he says I should talk to Lothar who might have seen something.




  • Speak with Lothar in Marigold Marina.
  • Find Reinhard in Marigold Marina and retrieve the book for Lothar.
  • Retrieve 6 of Reinhard's Historical Elder Pamphlets from the rats to the west of Marigold Marina. Some of the rat have some, but I can also look in any rat nests I find.
  • Return to Reinhardt in Marigold Marina and give him the pamphlets.
  • Return to Lothar and give him this book.


  • 2 silver
  • 4725 XP
  • Uncomm Shaman Gloves (different depending on the played class)



Lothar: "Oh, good a fresh mark! Or rather, nice to meet you! Got time for a quick game of cards?" You "No, I'm too busy trying to save Summer's Hollow right now."

Lothar: "I'm taking bets on who will vanish next. You want in on it? We're talking a heck of a big pool!"

You "In every way, no. But did you see Rhoda around here recently?"

Lothar: "Sure, I saw Rhoda. But info about an ex-mayoral candidate engaged in shady dealings down on the docks is going to cost you."

You "I have a few copper coins..."

Lothar: "Copper? Bah, I only deal in gold. Tell ya what. There's something else you can do for me."

You "As long as it isn't illegal."

Lothar: "There is a special book I've been wanting called, 'Sleight of Hand - A Trickster's Guide.' An old bookseller named Reinhard has a copy of it, but he refuses to sell it to me."

You "Guessing Reinhard objects to your questionable line of work?"

Lothar: "And then some. But I'm sure he'd give the book to you. What do you say?"

You "Okay, I'll get this book for you."

Lothar: "Good, good! Reinhard is just over to the west, there."

You "I'll be back in a bit."

Lothar: "Maybe we can play some cards when you get back!"

Reinhard: "Marat, Celestia, Voltan and Calypso! Read all about the legendary four right here!"

You "Interesting."

Reinhard: "They battled Mallok back when he first devastated the world with his tempests and volcanoes. So how can I help you?"

You "I need a book.'Sleight of Hand - A Trickster's Guide.'"

Reinhard: "Strange, you're the third person this month who has wanted that book." You "Who else wanted it?"

Reinhard: "Lothar, and also that hiccoughing mayoral candidate. She bought a copy from me, then said I'd made a big mistake in not voting for her."

You "Hmm. Do you have another copy of the book for sale?"

Reinhard: "I do. Tell you what. You can have it for free, if you do me a favor." You "Sure. What do you need?"

Reinhard: "A nasty group of rats stole some of my Elder pamphlets for their nest. Can you get them back for me?"

You "Yes. Back in a bit!"

Reinhard: "Their nest is just west of the Marina."

Reinhard: "Those nasty rats! Were you able to get my pamphlets?"

You "Yes. Here. But the rodents shredded a few of them."

Reinhard: "Oh, blast! They shredded the picture of Mallok sipping from The Obsidian Chalice!"

You "Obsidian Chalice?"

Reinhard: "It's only one of the most dangerous and evil objects that ever existed! Legend holds that Mallok's Obsidian Chalice, crested with emeralds, was the source of all his power!"

You "Do you know where it is now?"

Reinhard: "Oh, goodness, you don't know your history. It was destroyed in the Great Battle years ago, split right in two by a mighty cleave from Marat. After that, the two pieces were lost and haven't been seen since."

You "But if someone did find the two pieces...?"

Reinhard: "I dread to think what would happen. If Mallok's chalice were ever to be rejoined, it could mean a resurgence of the Shadow Years. Anyway, as promised, here is your book."

You received Sleight of Hand - A Trickster's Guide! You lost 6x Historical Elder Pamphlet.

You "Ah, yes, thanks for everything, Reinhard."

Reinhard: "You are of course, welcome."

Lothar: "This 'miscreant' is no good for business! Rhoda better keep her promise! Got my book for me?"

You "Yes. So what did Rhoda promise you?"

Lothar: "That she'd make me Gaming Commissioner of Summer's Hollow after the next election if I taught her how to play Tuskermoon Poker."

You lost 1x Sleight of Hand - A Trickster's Guide.

You "Go on."

Gained 4725 experience!

Lothar: "I've been giving Rhoda poker lessons all week. She's a natural! So good, that she can take money off of anyone now! Poor Itzella. An easy mark."

You "Itzella? Is that who Rhoda was talking to at the old Wishing Well?"

Lothar: "Yep. Rhoda keeps cornering Itzella back behind the tavern, and convincing her to play. I think she's taken Itzella for quite a bit."

You "Rhoda seems to have lost her moral compass lately."

Lothar: "Meh. I'm okay with fluctuating morals myself. But if you want to know more, talk with Itzella. She can tell you about Rhoda.

Continued in: Mayoral Madness.