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(Hard) Midsummer's Crusade
Level Scaled
Type Event quest
Location Twilight Vale

(Hard) Midsummer's Crusade is a Quest in Villagers & Heroes.

Balori has asked me to kill all of the members of the council of the Six Fae. He says that they use ladder defense, and in order to reach subsequent fairies, I have to kill the one before it.


  • None



  • Defeat Empowered Turenia in the Vale of Light. I can get to Turenia by finding the Corrupted Twilight Stone
  • Defeat Empowered Eldelia in the Vale of Poison. I can get to Eldelia by Defeating Empowered Turenia.
  • Defeat Empowered Rakicia in the Vale of Shadows. I can get to Rakicia by Defeating Empowered Eldelia.
  • Defeat Empowered Anosia in the Vale of Fire. I can get to Anosia by Defeating Empowered Rakicia.
  • Defeat Empowered Umbra in the Vale of Earth. I can get to Umbra by Defeating Empowered Anosia.
  • Defeat Empowered Vesesia in the Vale of Water. I can get to Vesesia by Defeating Empowered Umbra.
  • Defeat Empowered Prisma on the Floating Island. I can get to Prisma by Defeating Empowered Vesesia.
  • Return to Balori.



  • Ladder fight - Required to Defeat Empowered each boss before being teleported to the next. First area is entered by touching the Corrupted Twilight Stone in the northwest corner of the map C/D1.
    • Empowered Turenia - Vale of Light, rewards Turenia's Chest. Consumable. Contains common goodies from the Midsummer's Eve Event. (e.g. Star Crumpet)
    • Empowered Eldelia - Vale of Poison. Rewards Eldelia's Chest. Contains uncommon goodies from the Midsummer's Eve Event. (e.g. Dandelion Spirits)
    • Empowered Rakicia - Vale of Shadow. Rewards Rakicia's Chest. Contains rare goodies from the Midsummer's Eve Event. (e.g. Moon Crumpet)
    • Empowered Anosia - Vale of Fire. Rewards Anosia's Chest. Contains very rare goodies from the Midsummer's Eve Event. (e.g. Fairy Dust)
    • Empowered Umbra - Vale of Earth.
    • Empowered Vesesia - Vale of Water. Rewards Vesasia's Chest. Contains premium goodies from the Midsummer's Eve Event. (e. g Fairy Socket)
    • Empowered Prisma - . Rewards Vesasia's Chest. Contains premium goodies from the Midsummer's Eve Event. (e. g Fairy Socket)
  • Return to Balori once you killed them all to receive your reward.

Extra Info

  • Since this is a scaled event quest, the REWARD in money and xp is also SCALED.


Balori: "Welcome to the Twilight Vale! I need your help!"

You "What do you need help with?"

Balori: "The council of the Six Fae are more powerful than ever before! Even Prisma has joined them!" You "Oh, no!"

Balori: "Will you help Defeat Empowered them?"

You "I'll do it!"

Balori: "That's great! Be careful though, these Fae are far more powerful than what you're accustomed to. Good luck, <Player Name>."